Day 18. A ship called dignity. (Wednesday 15th October)

…. In Santander, after spending Day 17 driving from the Spanish Mediterranean to the Atlantic, I was heading to the ferry port carrying the wrapped up heavy bike bits strapped across my shoulders but as I got closer I figured that I had to at least give the bike some dignity. After all, it did get me just over a thousand miles and through 4 countires including completely across two. Together we’d also climbed the highest pass in the Pyrenees at over 2,400 meters, not to mention climbs adding up to in total to the height of Mont Blanc plonked on top of Everest and even a little bit more. So instead of dragging it on the ship in a cycle bag I quickly put it back together and rode the 1920’s beast gingerly through customs and onto the ship to the amazement of the many waiting bikers and caravaners. They were clearly not expecting to see a butchers bike wobbling past them….

But that’s the end of the trip and it’s ending a good 5 days earlier than hoped. A 26 hour ferry journey awaits before hitting the UK and then just another 2 hours to London…… Although that said, I’m not even thinking about the 9 mile walk home from London Waterloo late on tomorrow (Thursday) night and early Friday morning!


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