London to Andorra

When I’d just finished my first day back at work, after 15 months “career break” of doing very little other than travelling and watching cBeebies, I was looking around the office I felt something was missing. I need a challenge, something to aim for, something with the right amount of crazy but with an equal amount of achievement. However, I also wanted to avoid backpacking as I’d spent 13 months on stinky busses and trains travelling from the UK to New Zealand overland. So, I came up with a plan for my next little adventure…………

I hit on the idea of visiting the one last country in Europe I have left to visit, but instead of backpacking I’ll be getting there under my own steam and hopefully making the achievement of “the full set” of countries special by cycling from London to Andorra, the final elusive country!

The Bike….

Just to make it a little harder I’m doing the journey on a 1920’s style bike which has the completely wrong frame, setup and just 5 rubbish gears which are not for climbing hills. It also weighs over twice as much as a standard bike and that’s without luggage!

The little bit of support….

It’s going to be a challenge and one which will be physically difficult to achieve, partly thanks to the distance, and the massive climb over the Pyrenees, but not as challening as some other things life puts in your way. To this end I’ll be cycling in support of the charity SHHiRT, for more information please see HERE. It’s a really worthwhile charity and a little known condition that really needs support so please give a little something if you can.

To donate please click HERE to connect to VirginMoneyGiving.

The Challenge….

  1. Starting on Sunday 28th September 2014.
  2. Cycling from London and through the entire length of France… plus a bit more…..
  3. Have no planned route or timetable so will just see where the roads and my legs take me….
  4. Likely to be sleeping in random fields and park benches on the way down as due to the nature of the cycle I\’ll have no idea where I\’ll be each evening….
  5. A climb over the Pyrenees on a rubbish bike!
  6. If I get to Andorra within time, I may continue to Barcelona depending on donations….
  7. The route, with stops for touristy stuff should easily break the 1000 mile (1600km) mark.
  8. I’ve learned the French “Monsieur policier, mon vélo a été volé!” just in case I need it!

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