Day 12: Musket Monk

Got up at 5am, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is not normal! I met the kids who are going to take me to the pickup point for the long tour. For some reason unbeknown to me they took me on a long walk to the bus station and then all the way back again. Then on a mile walk to the Tana Hotel….. and then I waited for about 1 1/2 hours for no reason whatsoever until eventually a boat pulled up containing the three Dutch guys again! Firstly I apologised to the guys for invading their tour, but they said they completely understood how things worked here and then they apologised for being over an hour late thanks for two of them getting food poisoning!

The boat was a little small and a bit crappy and maybe this is why this was called the long tour because it was so slow it took ages to see things a faster boat could have done in half the time! On the journey to the island in the middle of the lake there were lots of weird flies which would land on you and then grab hold of your clothing and shed their skins leaving a perfect ghostly copy of themselves. The only major difference between the new body were the three antenna that now protruded out of their bottoms. I promised myself to look up what type of flies these are but am concerned about using the internet to search for “three antenna protruding out of bottom”, that can only go wrong. Eventually we arrived at the island monastery. As not completely unexpected it was a little disappointing as I’ve seen quite a lot of similar looking things now as although it’s only been 12 days, I seen a lot in a short time. The most unusual thing here was the head monk walking up to us with his rifle, well more of a musket really but I don’t remember that bit of the bible where monks have guns, but he wanted to have his picture taken so I did as he asked, after all he had a gun. Maybe I’ll show that picture to St Peter too, if I was him I’d let the monk in!

Then as we sat in the boat to set off again we got surrounded by lots of people begging and selling stuff from home-made reed boats. “Hello pen, give me pen”, hello give me, hello give me, give me! Arrrggg, it was constant, why wasn’t the monk shooting these guys? Due to the ineptitude of the boats crew, I managed to cut my right elbow open when trying to escape and move up the boat. All I need now is the bilharzia infected lake to splash into the open wound! Right on cue, I got soaked on the way back as the weather changed dramatically. In fact the weather got so rough that although there were more churches around lake we all agreed and asked to go back as it was now driving rain. We just made sure we headed past the source of the blue Nile almost as a tick box exercise as there was not much to see from this side, but it was amazing to think that from here it goes all the way to the Mediterranean on its amazingly long journey. Oh and the pelicans, lots of pelicans here…. After this I headed straight back to the hotel and just chilled as the day on the boat taken it out of me and the needless 5am start and loads of walking.