02. Over before it began

(14th July 2010)
So it’s been 5 days, 7 countries, 1700 miles, 5 trains, 2 ferries, 4 busses. Well that’s Western Europe done quicker than any Japanese package tour of Europe. But now I’ve got those bits I’ve been to before out of the way I can now relax and head to the old soviet block, should be easy as I’m fluent in Russian!

Anyway, not much to add in this first blog other that the journey may be over before it begins thanks to the lovely Chinese embassy not giving me a visa. But hey ho, we’ll see what I can do on the way. Weird point so far: Buying a bottle of water in Copenhagen for 4 Krone but at the till being asked to pay 3 more as the price did not include the cost of the bottle! I asked why anyone would buy water in a shop not in a bottle as I didn’t think the paper bags would work. She looked confused so I asked why they just didn’t say 7 to which she replied you get the three back as a deposit. So I emptied the water into my water bottle and asked for the deposit back, she said fine that’s 2 Krone as there’s a 1 Krone handling fee! I was flumexed, and just left saying the water’s 5 Krone then isn’t it.

Highlight of the trip so far:
Watching the world cup final in Eindhoven with thousands of Orange clad Dutch. They took the defeat quite well but if I was Spanish I’d avoid the place for a bit.

This will be tonight…. I’m sharing a cabin on the ferry between Stockholm and Tallinn in Estonia with two rather large Russian blokes so I reckon my chances of sleep are limited in between snoring and drinking vodka!

UPDATE: Snorring was very bad… Very little sleep….