Sheffield UK to Sheffield NZ

This site contains information and links on what was fundamentally a pointless adventure in trying to go from Sheffield in the UK to Sheffield in New Zealand by any means but flying. As I also had the random task of trying to avoid places I’d been to before, which after visiting 94 countries before I left, was quite difficult and neadless to say, quite challenging. After arriving in New Zealand, the blogcontinues with my journey home, back to Sheffield, trying to avoid flights longer than 5 hours and no more than three hour time zone changes! As such this site was mainly aimed at friends and family who did, like me, have no idea where I was or when I’d be there! To see what happened andwhat I did please click on the links to the right. Finally, please see the contact information if you need to get in touch or leave a message.


Because sometimes the conveyor belt of life keeps you in a bubble of banality and a parochial prison. None of us want to get to the grave and wonder, what if? why didn’t I? all because we got stuck in the lifestyles and routines expected of us by a conventional society. Just for a moment I had the good fortune and the opportunity to break free. I realise I have been very fortunate, but because of that I wasn’t gong to waste it. And more importantly, no matter what you read in the press about other counties, the dangers, the hate and the fear, having travelled through over 100 countries I can tell you that the way a country or politicians act is rarely reflected in the normal person in the street. After all, do we agree with everything our countries do? So why would we expect others to be different. Although there have of course been a few exceptions, I can say with all honesty that the natural human condition is to help each other. Hate takes a lot of energy and is so rarely experienced as a visitor. I had encounted this help and unconditional friendship before and work and life had got me to a point where I needed to burst that bubble and break down the walls again.

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