UK: Beer Football And Fags

Approximately nine thousand years ago at the end of the Pleistocene ice age Great Britain was formed when sea levels rose. When this happened, the island was cut off from the European mainland. The iron age Celtic inhabitants of Britain were called Brythons, latter becoming the Ancient Roman province of Britannia, well up to Hadrian’s Wall anyway. Then in 1066 there was the Norman Conquest, the Normans who were actually north-men, Vikings, and not French as most think, loved the place so much that they became assimilated into English society and actually made Normandy an English possession. This pissed off the French as they had just ‘loaned it’ to the Normans! It created what was to become one of the most powerful monarchies in Europe and started a rivalry with France which continued until the 19th century. On the 20th October 1604 King James VI proclaimed himself as ‘King of Great Britain, France and Ireland’ and then in 1707, upsetting many Scots, the Act of Union joined both English and Scottish parliaments. That Act used two different terms to describe the new all island nation, a ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain’. In 1801 a new Act of Union merged Great Britain with the Kingdom of Ireland………………… I used to think that I knew everything about this place, its history, its identity, what people thought of us, how the British behave. Now seeing other parts of the world and the people I’ve met I figure I know very little.

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