An Extra Bit: The Boyfriend Graph

While backpacking I started to notice a bizarre phenomenon. Within a few minutes of talking to a girl they would mention their boyfriends quite randomly in the conversation. On noticing this trend I decided to record the data and analyse the results for future use by young male backpackers.

Forty seven girls took part in the research over a period of 217 days. Twelve of the girls (»25%) sampled did not mention the presence of a boyfriend whereas 35 (»75%) did. As can be observed from the graph below, 27 girls mentioned their boyfriends on the first meeting with a peak occurring between 7 to 8 minutes from the start of conversation. As expected this follows a normal Gaussian distribution. However, during a second meeting a further 8 girls mentioned their boyfriends with a left skewed graph peaking at 2 minutes. After consideration, the skewed nature of the graph can be explained by the girls’ thinking about the first meeting and deciding that they should mention a boyfriend as soon as possible so I
the person would not get the wrong impression.

It is clear from the data that a person cannot be certain that a girl, who has not mentioned her boyfriend, is boyfriend free after the first meeting as there is still a 40% chance that that he may exist. Although this is better than the figure from the start of the first meeting which is 75%. However, during the second meeting this quickly reduces to 20% after 3 minutes and 5% after 4 minutes. In conclusion it is clear from the graph that after 5 minutes of the second meeting the girl will not have a boyfriend, this will occur in one in four meetings, this should be taken as a sign to advance.
To be Published: Nature (human)

OK, that’s a bit creepy, but it really happens!

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