Day 200: Jesus Ate My Pet Guinea Pig!

Day 200. Yet another new month but this time it will be may last. Momentous day for another reason too, this is also my two hundredth day of travelling. To celebrate this the locals seemed to be setting off loads of fireworks, well it was either that or it was because it’s the first day of advent which may explain all the security in town. Got a taxi to the bus station where I seemed to have a problem with my ticket. It turns out that the people through which I booked my ticket didn’t actually have a bus! Eventually they found one for me and stuck me on it. It seems the travel companies here sell you a ticket and when you turn up, they then barter with the actual coach companies for the best deal and pocket the difference. I asked if this is what they’d done and they just smiled, which I figure meant yes. I was now going to Puno a stopping off point on the way to La Paz and one I can only do because of the two days saved.

Met a nice couple from the UK on the coach, Elizabeth and John, both live in Worcester although John has the strongest Northern Irish accent I’ve ever heard. On the way to Puno we stopped off at a place which was pretty much in the middle of nowhere but when asked turned out to the highest point of the journey. Typically for somewhere that is in the middle of nowhere and is meant to be a tourist sight but really isn’t, there were loads of locals selling all sorts of crap no one really wants. But there was some street hawker food and I was starving so I grabbed some veggie stuff as I thought it would be safer, and I figure my stomach can handle anything now after the battering it’s had recently. Don’t know what it was but it tasted really nice but then again looking at the thing it was probably better not to know. It was a bit like a South American version of a Cornish pasty.

As soon as we arrived in Puno I was jumped on by the usual group of people which is not what you really want after a twelve hour journey. They were asking if I wanted a cheap hotel and as usual I went off with the guy who looked the most likely to be a serial killer, they’d been lucky so far! I decided to book a few things through him as although I figured I could’ve saved about $10us if I went up and down the high street for an hour looking for cheap tours, I really couldn’t be bothered with the hassle anymore. This also has the added bonus that I will be picked up from my hotel. I went for a little walk through town which was quite busy but had a nice atmosphere. I went to one of the restaurants and decided to have a guinea pig! Turns out guinea pig (cuy) is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol so you can’t feel guilty about eating it, how good is that! Actually I figure that I’m in good company as I remember a painting I saw in the Cathedral in Cuzco, it was of the last supper where Jesus and his mates were tucking to a big fat juicy guinea pig, evil sod! But if he can do it! I can already hear all of the abuse I’ll be getting from my friends when I get home but I had to celebrate my two hundredth day with something different! Got to admit, the barbecued guinea pig had an expression on its face which looked like the stick had been put up its arse when it was still alive…. bless!

Click on this link to see the painting!