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This website contains blogs and diaries just a few of my travels around the 130 or so countries I've visited in my backpacking life. The blogs were published during my journey and summarise a section of travel while the diaries were typed up afterwards from my written diary and contain a complete daily account of what happened. They are published here for those who like a story and as a snapshot of the world at that point in time. © Darren A Cutts 2018

2014 Blog:
London to Andorra
by Velocipede

This blog show the lengths some people will go to, to try and prove that they are not getting old. This follows my journey from London, through the enitre length of France and up to the peaks of the Pyrenees.... all on a 1920 style butchers bike with 5 inappropriately ratio'd gears. Would I fail. It was either me or the bike....

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2010-2011 Blog:
Sheffield Re-United! UK to
New Zealand without Flying

This blog contains information on what was fundamentally a pointless adventure in trying to go from Sheffield in the UK to Sheffield in New Zealand by any means but flying. Turns out it's difficult and takes quite a bit longer than you think!

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2001 Diary:
London to Guildford
the Hard Way

This blog contains the daily trials and tribulations of someone backpacking around the world for the first time back in 2001. Before easy online booking of travel and hotels and definately no mobile phones with roaming if you were stuck anywhere! Hopefully nothing would go wrong...... Hmmmmm!

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2004 Diary:
A Journey Through Ethiopia

This is a copy of my travel diary for my short three week trip around Ethiopia. I’d always wanted to visit here since my local Ethiopian restaurant in Kentish Town London, Lalibela, had waxed lyrical about what there was to do and see there. Would it disappoint?

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Pictures say a Thousand Words

This Photo Gallery contains some selected images from my various travels.

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